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We apply these products to our bodies every day of our lives.  Give your body the care of natural and organic.

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Zapper: ParisianZapper: Parisian
You Grow Girl TeeYou Grow Girl Tee
You Are Jawesome Card
Yellow Argyle Socks
Woody Shovel - Grill ScrapeWoody Shovel - Grill Scrape
Woody Pro - Grill ScrapeWoody Pro - Grill Scrape
Woody Paddle - Grill ScrapeWoody Paddle - Grill Scrape
Woody Nub - Grill ScrapeWoody Nub - Grill Scrape
Window Cleaner - Bamboo Lemon - 22 oz.
White Stripes Nail Polish
White Rose ToteWhite Rose Tote
White Chunky Knit BlanketWhite Chunky Knit Blanket
Wet My Plants Card
Wave Jet Rinse Aid - 8 oz.
Wave Dishwasher Pods - 20 Pack
Wart Blend - 0.5 oz.
Walnut Scouring Pads - 2 Pack
Visage Cuff - Gold
Visage // Plated EarringsVisage // Plated Earrings
Vira TankVira Tank
Verona DressVerona Dress
Vanilla Scented Soy Candle

Foggy Goggles Blog

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The Banks and Their Free Ride

The Banks and Their Free Ride

Thad Beversdorf
So why is this a free ride?  Well if I can earn 5% return on my $100 of capital, I make a profit of $5.  But banks will make $50 on that same $100.  
The Matrix Exposed

The Matrix Exposed

Thad Beversdorf
For decades corporations and their CEOs have feasted on the exploding debt levels of America's working class. And that was precisely the objective of the policies for which they paid handsomely.